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Cheap Ping i20 Irons

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Cheap Ping i20 Irons

The i20 irons pack in a lot of new design tweaks from previous i-series models. The biggest visual change from previous i-series irons is the "toaster" style tuning port in the cavity. Previous models used an elliptical PING logo-ed badge in the cavity. The vertical Custom Tuning Port (CTP) and stabilization bars in the cavity are also featured in the PING S56 irons. The stabilization bars help improve feel along with a thicker face in the impact area, while the vertical CTP construction allows for a lower center of gravity, different options for weight positioning and swing weight custom fitting. This CTP allows PING to customize the swing weight for players that use longer, shorter, lighter or heavier shafts. The weights vary from 3-28 grams. This means that one golfer's specs could be 3/4" over length with S300 steel shafts and another could be 1/4" shorter with graphite shafts but still use irons and wedges with the same swing weight.


Introducing the all new Ping i20 Irons, a powerful combination of workability, feel and forgiveness. Playing to your best requires distance control, and these multi-metal irons ensure golfers can hit to precise yardages. The long irons are slightly larger, high launching, and more forgiving. The smaller short irons feature less offset and provide exceptional control. Stabilizing bars and a thicker face ensure precise distance control and a solid feel.
A high-density tungsten toe weight provides forgiveness across the face for accurate results and a high-launch, low-spin trajectory. An innovative design gives you complete command of the clubface for controlling trajectory and shot shape.

Cheap Ping i20 Irons is offered on the UK based golf shop - ginto.co.uk with free shipping and no tax. We deliver to most countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, and many European, Asian, American and African countries within 7-10 business days. Find your dream golf clubs and place an order!
User Comment
john rating 5  2012-12-21 03:20:25
This is regarding my last enquiry.
Can you supply me a set of Ping i20 irons (red dot) lie?
2012-12-27 15:18:13   Administrator: test111  Reply:Thanks for your precious message. The i20 irons with red dot is available now. Please place order online. Best regards
john rating 5  2012-12-21 01:33:02
Do you sell the Ping i2o irons with standard lie as I have been fitted in the past as 1.5 degrees flat?
2012-12-27 15:18:35   Administrator: test111  Reply:Thanks for your message. The i20 Irons standard lie are available now. Best regards
Anonymous user rating 5  2012-11-22 15:37:10
Is the Ping i20 Irons on sale now?
2012-11-22 16:03:00   Administrator: test111  Reply:The Ping i20 Irons are on sale now. Please place order online. Best regards
COUSSON rating 5  2012-11-21 17:25:37
I am very interested in the online Ping i20 Irons. Can i buy i20 Irons with 1 shaft?
2012-11-21 17:34:14   Administrator: test111  Reply:Thanks for your precious massage. Please write your special request in the blank of "order postscript" before click "submit" when you place the order. Best regards
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